Personal experience, suggestions and memories are the founding principles of Adriano's cooking, a romantic cook who collects emotions to re-establish them in the tranquility of his kitchen.
If on the one hand we have the emotional matrix that moves the steps from instinct and from the creative process,

on the other hand, however, it should not be forgotten that it rests solid bases on the techniques of classical cooking.
A kitchen that does not want to amaze or put in awe, but rather to comfort and generate well-being.


Ferran Adrià

But the pursuit of taste also focuses on the other fundamental element that is the love for the Romance, which Adriano translates
In-progression from its more traditional matrix through an interpretative process that filters it to make it more current and personal.

- the tordomatto today starts from the Roman microcosm, with centuries-old customs still vivid, and gradually the look expands both in space and time, as you advance with the menu, in a continuous contamination between the memory, the flavors exoticizing.

Menus talk's about my experiences, my travels, my origins.

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tordomatto ristorante  

Via Pietro Giannone, 24 00195 ROMA

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Foto by Lido Vannucchi / Testi by Sara Favilla